God’s Call Changes Everything

Let me paint a picture for you:

31,000 people in a stadium jumping, clapping, and singing with flashing lights, loud music, completely surrounded by fellow Lutherans engaging in worship. What a wonderful experience to be a part of! This is definitely something we all will keep with us today and always.

The theme for today was God’s Call Changes Everything. All of the speakers touched on how that looked like for them. From a practicing Hindu who became an ELCA pastor to a lady who lost her sight at an early age and learned to play piano and sing despite people telling her she wouldn’t make it as a singer. Is important to remember that it’s ok to not know your calling right now. We have to trust God in the process.

From a Houstonian welcoming us to the bayou, to a practicing lawyer who works at advocating for children who get incarcerated and don’t have a voice. He talked about the power of proximity and how we need to stick up for people who are different than us; to love others and be hopeful that we are able to make positive changes in our world.

No one got lost and we all made it safely back to our hotel, reflected on our day, and got a good night’s rest. Today is our Synod Day so out journey continues!


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